Gitlab 13 requires for a higher git version than available for RHEL7

"In 13.1.0, you must upgrade to either:

At least Git v2.24 (previously, the minimum required version was Git v2.22).
The recommended Git v2.26. "

My Gitlab-CE server is running version 12.10.14 on RHEL 7. The highest version of git available from Red Hat for RHEL 7 is I’m locked into gitlab version 12 or is there a way to install Gitab 13 on RHEL 7?


As you are installing the gitlab-ce packages, then it is using the embedded git - it doesn’t use the one in the RHEL repositories as far as I am aware. I built a server with Gitlab, and didn’t install git, it wasn’t a dependency since it’s all embedded in the gitlab-ce package.

as you can see here there are EL7 packages for RHEL7.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.