Does Gitlab feature flags support variant?

I’m wondering if gitlab feature flags supports variant like unleash, which allows input like strings or jsons

Hi @kimyinn
input to what?

I was wondering this as well. In our version (13.12.5-ee Premium) I only see boolean flags. The Unleash docs talk about “variants”, which allow for more complex flag types so that your apps can receive different values (instead of just branching).

This Gitlab issue about supporting A/B testing mentions it, saying “You can now extend feature toggles with multiple variants.” But maybe @Orit meant that you can extend feature toggles within Unleash? Discussions there and the other tickets I read through seemed to suggest that how to incorporate that part of the Unleash API into the Gitlab one were still ongoing.

So as of now, I don’t think it’s supported. But I’d really like to see it (as well as something like Unleash Proxy, which would allow us to control feature flag state in Gitlab without having to open it up to the internet and all of the performance and security concerns that would raise.).