Does Gitlab has something similar to Github checks api?

Hi, I would need to generate a report like the ones we are able to do in Github with checks API.
What would be the closest thing to that?

I have been reviewing Review apps, artifacts… But I still don’t have a clear picture of how to be able to do such thing…

Thanks in advance

There is not a Checks API currently but there is an open issue. Upvotes and/or more use cases added as comments to the issue would be a great way to help us prioritize that work. Thanks!

-James H
Sr. Product Manager Verify:Testing

jheimbuck_gl thanks for the reply!

We are working on a new product where being able to generate a report is fundamental.
What you would recommend me instead and in the meantime? Releases? Gitlab Pages? Maybe review apps? I saw an example of metrics echoing a line of text but it does not support Markdown…

David - i’m not sure what all you’re trying to report but if you have the data at pipeline time you can leverage Metrics Reports but if you are looking to export Markdown pages may be a better way to go. An example of publishing build related data to Pages can be found here.

Adding your use case with some specifics to the issue noted above would be helpful as well. Thanks!

Hey @jheimbuck_gl , thanks a lot for the reply! We have tried some of them like releases or Pages and none of them are what we would like to have.

Is there any way we could integrate with Gitlab as does in Github? I mean A 3rd party app integration in MR widgets.

@DavidGOrtega GitLab does not have an integration with that I know about.

You might check out the built in Code Quality functionality which can be extended through plugins and even supports custom tooling if the reports match the Code Climate report spec.