Does GitLab have an API rate limit

Searched on this forum, the mailing list, and the docs, but can’t find a definite answer for this. Does GitLab in general, or limits the amount of API calls you can make?

Please provide more info: what version of GitLab do you use (or plan to use)? on-prem GitLab? Community (free)? Anything else?

I use both Community (free) and, but and I know that different hosted version can have different behaviors, so was mainly concerned with the default behavior and specifically how works.

I’m also interested in the answer to this question. My company has a self-hosted GitLab on the Starter plan. My account is designated as an Administrator. When connecting to the GitLab API using either Postman or a call via AJAX from client-side code, I am only ever provided with 20 records (or less). 20 issues, 20 projects, etc.

I’ve also searched everywhere, just like the OP and find the information frustratingly absent from all sources checked. Please let all of us know the volume supported for each plan. It would be enormously prudent if your documentation was updated as well. I should be able to find this information in the level that’s slightly more detailed than the feature comparison shown here:

Hello, I think that has to do with paging.
check this “per_page”

Yes!! Thank you so much. I also ran across the information completely by accident just a couple weeks ago at this link as well.

There are several places where GitLab applies traffic limitations:

Documentation is indeed not up to date, see