RateLimit headers

Hey! I am using Gitlab Cloud and in the documentation for it says that different endpoints have different rate limits. But when i am making API requests, i get the RateLimit headers for the same rate limiter regardless of the endpoint. And there is no “RateLimit-Name” in the response.

For example, there is a rate limiter for “Authenticated API traffic” which is 2000 requests per minute. And i get the headers for this limiter. But i also use the endpoint to get a file and it suppose to have a 300 requests per minute limit, but i don’t get that information in the headers.

Is it possible to get the headers for other limiters other than the main one (Authenticated API traffic) ?

And also when using a self-managed Gitlab 15.1.6 instance i don’t get any RateLimit headers at all in the responses. Is it possible to get them? Should they be configured somehow?

Do you have rate limits configured in self-managed instance? These docs explain how to configure your own instance: Rate limits | GitLab

Gitlab.com isn’t configurable because Gitlab manage that so I don’t know what headers they give/not give - maybe they will add the feature where headers are missing. For self-managed I don’t use the limits, so also don’t know if the headers are there or not. But see how you go with the Gitlab documentation - maybe something there will help out.

Yes, i configured the rate limits in self-managed instance, but i don’t get the rate limit headers with the api responses