Does the free tier include OAuth2 and OpenID Connect features?

Greetings, and many thanks in advance for any assistance.

I’m referring to the features documented here:

And are these available for “a team of any size” in the free tier?

If not, are they available in the free (core) self-hosted tier?

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these features are available in Core, all Enterprise features are marked as such in the docs. This is a marker on the right hand side of the chapter.

Using GitLab as OAuth provider will require administrative access to the GitLab instance, which you only get on a self-hosted installation. is operated by our infrastructure team, no-one else has administrative permissions.

To my knowledge, KDE, Gnome and Debian have implemented the OAuth provider as SSO on their self-hosted instances, in case you are looking for inspiration how to do it, next to the docs :slight_smile: