Looking for official documentation on using OAuth2 tokens with git

Hi all,

I am assisting the development of a feature in Eclipse Che and I am looking for official documentation on using OAuth2 tokens as passwords. In a nutshell, that feature is about integrating Gitlab as an identity provider in Che and use the OAuth2 tokens from gitlab as a credential when using git:
git clone https://oauth2:<OAuth2 token>@gitlab.com/yourusername/project.git

I have seen a few posts on StackOverflow about this, but nothing in the official Gitlab documentation. I know this is supported since it works (!) and I have seen the Ruby code for it, but I would like to know if there is an official page for it. The reason I am looking for this is that I need to propose a change to the current implementation in Che since it does not support the ‘oauth2’ username and we are looking for some kind of official spec…

Thank you

Nobody? Is this an officially supported feature, or it’s an Easter Egg of some sort? :wink:


Some links from the official docs, suggest you take a look - there’s plenty of links to other oauth info in the docs:

Thanks for the links. I looked at all of them (and also some referenced links) and couldn’t find what I am looking for :slightly_frowning_face:

I will open an issue with gitlab.