Does the GitLab Community Edition 8.17.6 support fast forward merge and squash?

Hello Gitlab community,

I am trying to enable the fast forward merge and squash commit on each branch merge request. In order to have a single/atomic commit per MR without extra messages on the target branch.

I was trying to follow the official instraction (Squash and merge | GitLab).

My Gitlab version is Community Edition 8.17.6.

Is this durable with this Gitlab version ??

Thanks in advance for your time and your collaboration.

Best regards,
Panagiotis Parthenis


the feature proposal points to milestone 8.17, theoretically, it should be there. Auto-squash commits when merging merge request (#150) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab I’m not sure about the docs and settings though. Docs archives | GitLab | GitLab has an archive dating back to 10.3, maybe that helps.

The current documentation reflects 14.9-pre (soon 14.9 on 2022-03-22) at the time of writing - there may have been UX changes and additional features since 8.x. I’d suggest following the upgrading documentation to move from 8.17 to 9.0, latest 9.x release, 10.0, latest 10.x release and so on to move to the currently supported versions, also receiving security updates.


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Note that the recommended upgrade paths (on the page that @dnsmichi links to) goes via 12.1.x, 13.1.y and 13.12.z, so the path is a little more complicated than outlined.

But upgrading that (very) old GitLab is highly recommended, it might have to be interleaved with upgrades to the underlying OS. We’ve had several questions here from people that couldn’t find some version for some OS.