Domain with umlauts

Hello all,

I have a small problem when adding an umlaut domain to a repository.

Let’s take any domain as an example:
häuser .de
is the same as
xn–huser-gra .de

but in gitlab pages I can only store the xn domain. In the case of the umlauts, it says “Domain contains invalid characters (valid characters: [a-z0-9-])”.

Is there a workaround or solution here?

Many thanks is used

A browser would normally convert an ä to ae - therefore you could use instead since if Gitlab pages only supports [a-z0-9] that means you cannot use letters with umlauts, etc, and you will need to utilise that as a workaround. At least until systems are configured to support non-standard characters such as umlauts in domain names.

More info here in relation to the umlaut thing:


unfortunately it does not work like that. Both are completely different domains.
häuser .de and haeuser .de each point to a different page.

I have disabled force SSL and there are no more certificate errors. That helps me for now.