Doubts between free, Premium and Ultimate

Hi Gitlab community, Im crafting a source control excel matrix comparing several source control options products and in SaaS or on-prem/on-your-cloud models and free vs paid service levels and i got following doubts on Gitlab:

GitLab SaaS

  • OK - seems theres 3 service levels: free, Premium and Ultimate.
    - ci/cd does “GitLab CI” exist on all the three ?
    - Authorization/Authentication - i only found in your links “SAML SSO is Premium”. 1) Ultimate or Free don’t allow integration with some AD ? 2) Is SAML the only supported method to connect to an AD ? 3) Can Active directory (AD) exists either on-prem? In cloud self managed like a EC2 in AWS? Or using any cloud SaaS AD ?

GitLab self-managed

  • Seems there’s 3 service levels: Core, Premium, and Ultimate. But sadly very confusing and lack of information. 1) is “Core” the free version ? 2) Can we setup “GitLab CI” on the 3 service levels ? 3) What type of ActiveDirectory (AD) is supported on the 3 ?

Heres screenshot:

I’m not sure about the rest of your questions, but CI/CD is available on all versions of GitLab, SASS and self-managed.

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thanks Snim2.

I guess you now aware of ActiveDirectory integration possibilities ?

Gitlab-CE is the free version, which means no subscriptions. It also means paid functionality is not accessible. This means free/core only.

Gitlab-EE can also be used free, but you can also add a subscription to it meaning Premium and Ultimate are possible, as well as free/core.

I use Gitlab-CE and I have CI/CD as I have Gitlab Runners connected. So as it’s possible with Gitlab-CE, then it is also possible on Gitlab-EE for all tiers (free/premium/ultimate). As for LDAP, a lot of your questions can be answered here: Integrate LDAP with GitLab | GitLab

AD/LDAP can be connected to Gitlab-CE as well as Gitlab-EE. Versions are mentioned in the link above. If the AD service is on-prem or in the cloud, providing it is accessible on ports 389 or whatever, then it should work. Not sure about Azure Active Directory though, you would have to check/test it.

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@iwalker got there first, but yes, all these things are in the docs, under the configuration section.

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As per tooltip on:

“Integrate LDAP with GitLab” → Available in GitLab Free self managed and higher tiers.
Not a available in GitLab SaaS.

And in reality, i clicked in all the existing auth services on left pane of above link, and seems none supported on SaaS.

That leads me to wonder how SaaS Free, Premium or Ultimate manage groups and users ?

Gitlab SaaS is - which you are not the administrator of. Therefore you cannot configure LDAP for it. That means Gitlab-CE and Gitlab-EE that you install on your own server is the only possibility.

Go to:

you will see the sign in possibilities to give you an idea of how you can register and use

I see, so the way corporations with thousands of users do/can do is to link Atlassian to their corp AD, since ggitlab can interface with Atlassian bitbuket/jira users base, which in turn are mapped to on-prem AD, probably this right ?