Downstream pipeline triggered by a Project Access Token user fails


We have a release bot user, which was created using a Project Access Token, which tags new versions of our product. This tag creates a new pipeline, which triggers a manual job that executes a downstream pipeline to run our automated tests in another repository. The downstream pipeline fails to run with the error “(unknown failure)”. We suspect that this is due to the user not having permissions to trigger pipelines in the downstream project, since your documentation states “The user triggering the upstream pipeline must be able to start pipelines in the downstream project, otherwise the downstream pipeline fails to start.” When retrying this downstream job manually, it works.

How can we solve this issue?

Hi @sergio.ferreira1

your assumption is correct, since project or group bot users are scoped only to the particular project or group you cannot add them as members to the downstream project.

A workaround is to use Pipeline Trigger tokens.

@balonik thanks for the help!

Pipeline Trigger Tokens is something that we would like to stay away from, since it would involve extra logic with polling to block a job in the main repository. We ended up creating a user with permissions on both repositories, and replaced the project access token with a user access token and it’s now working perfectly :slight_smile: