Dropdown feature in Gitlab for selecting variables

We are currently migrating pipelines from Jenkins to gitlab. In jenkins we have groovy script to load variables using drop down feature when we trigger pipeline.

  1. how do we use same feature in gitlab to get a dropdown to select variables while triggering pipeline
  2. is it possible to load the variables through a file or script to have the values populated in when we trigger pipeline manually in gitlab

Appreciate any assistance/ guidance on getting variables populated in gitlab pipeline UI. This is a blocker for us to migrating to gitlab

Hi @mehtadishant03 :wave:

The functionality you’re describing is currently available within GitLab, and I’m not currently aware of any workarounds.

There is an open epic to add this functionality to our product Dynamically pre-filled global variables when running manual CI/CD pipelines (&11595) · Epics · GitLab.org · GitLab. I suggest you indicate your interest there as product managers take user feedback into consideration in planning and prioriting development of new features.

Thanks @gitlab-greg. this is make and break to migrate from jenkins to gitlab as we have decent number of pipelines which dynamically populate variables. having hardcoding root variables with options is not the best approach for us considering the number of pipelines we have