Dynamic environments with Gitlab and Google App Engine


I have successfully configured review environments and this piece works perfectly. I am now in the process of configuring dynamic environments but am having trouble setting the URL of the application to match what GAE sets for the service URL.

Gitlab creates a url like: ‘review-dynamic-2teua0’. However when i deploy to GAE it expects me to set the service name in ‘app.yaml’. If there was a way i could use the $CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG in the app.yaml i would be set but i cannot seem to figure this out. I have tried configuring the service name in .gitlab-ci.yml with the ‘script’ entry but this doesn’t work. Its almost as if i need to set the service name in app.yaml based from the $CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG but the only way i know to do this is using a wrapper script to change the value in the app.yaml script and this wouldn’t be the ideal scenario.

thanks for any help/ideas.