Handling dynamic environment dependencies

Hi all, I am exploring moving a bunch of Ruby apps to GitLab + Kubernetes CD process from a more traditional EC2 + Capistrano world. One of the features that I find most intriguing in GitLabs veritable arsenal of tools is Review Apps.

One use case I don’t see explored in the docs is that of deploying a Review App for a project with dependencies on other projects. If I have two projects, A & B, where A depends on B, and both have a feature branch named new-stuff, how might I set up GitLab such that A ends up in a dynamic environment that contains the new-stuff branch of both A and B? Heck, for that matter, how do I get any version of B running, even just master, in the same dynamic environment as A? Is it possible while keeping Kubernetes config DRYd up, with no / little duplication across projects?