Effect of having one project over the storage limit size on other projects

Hello GitLab Community

If I exceed the storage limit of 10 GB in one project, is it normal to lose the ability to commit/push to my other projects as well?


I am using the Free Plan.
I have the following messages in my account:

This namespace contains locked projects

You have reached the free storage limit of 10.0GiB on 1 project. To unlock them, please purchase additional storage.

You have reached the free storage limit of 10 GB on 1 project. To unlock it, please purchase additional storage

Please purchase additional storage to unlock your projects over the free 10 GB project limit. You can’t push to your repository, create pipelines, create issues or add comments. To reduce storage capacity, delete unused repositories, artifacts, wikis, issues, and pipelines.

There is a project X that has gone over the 10GB limit ( Usage: 13.9GB, Excess Usage: 3.9GB) which I understand is the locked project.

However, I have several other projects in my account which are way below the 10GB limit; but any attempt to push to any of them results in the following error message:

remote: GitLab: Your push to this repository would cause it to exceed the size limit of 10 GB so it has been rejected. Please contact your GitLab administrator for more information.

Does this mean by exceeding the storage limit of 10 GB in project X, I have lost the ability to commit/push to my other projects as well?

Thank you

Same issue since today. Removed an unused but excess size repo but still unable to push anything to owned by the group.

/usage_quotas#storage-quota-tab shows that the problematic repo still exists but it’s already 404. Had to change project ownership to another group for now for push to work.

Sorry about the inconvenience here.

We turned the feature flag off once this was brought to our attention https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/276091#note_440582344 and subsequently fixed the bug.

This is not intended behavior, so please do raise an issue if this happens again and feel free to tag me in it.