Repository has exceeded its size limit

Connection to closed by remote host.| 738 KB/s
Uploading LFS objects: 66% (2982/4493), 10 GB | 716 KB/s, done.
batch response: Your push has been rejected, because this repository has exceeded its size limit of 10 GB by 450 MB. Please contact your GitLab administrator for more information.

I’m sure that I have free space to upload my data.
I’m owning standard subscription - can I contact to GitLab administrator directly?


No, you don’t have free space, as per the error, the repo has a 10gb limit. I expect if you have Gitlab hosted on your own server, then you would be able to commit more than the limit.

Please see this link for more info: Account and limit settings | GitLab

Only a GitLab administrator can set those limits. Setting the limit to 0 means there are no restrictions.

So on you won’t be able to have that limit removed - you will need a premium subscription. Alternatively, self-managed, eg: install Gitlab on your own server, you can then remove the limit yourself as admin of your own server.

I had a 90GB repository on my storage 100GB GitLab space. Couple days ago I removed all huge branches from repository >80GB. Why I can’t reuse vacated space?

Because the space doesn’t get freed up immediately: branch - Over a dozen git branches deleted, almost no space saved - Stack Overflow

git gc --prune=now --aggressive

maybe that will help. You might even need to expire it first with:

git reflog expire --all --expire=now
git gc --aggressive
git prune

I applied Your solution to my repository 2 days ago. Without any results. Repository still shows almost 99% of my storage usage. I cant push any files. I have also do: git lfs prune on all branches because my branch contained lot of huge lfs files. Also without effect.
What should I do? Should I wait for some ‘storage processing’ ?

Strange, usually should work. I think by default Gitlab will cleanup about 30 days after the deletion. You can try this from the Gitlab docs: Housekeeping | GitLab

what you use, that requires more than 10GB of coding :thinking:

It’s because UE4 assets files are huge - and versioning of them is very storage-consuming.

I removed the huge baranch using GitLab interface, not by doing directly using git commands, so I think the proper storage cleaning (including lfs-files) should be done on GitLab side.

Perhaps you can do this:

  1. Select the repository.
  2. Go to Settings → General → Advanced and expand this.
  3. Click the Run Housekeeping button.

Ok, I’ve done this process. (It tooks 1 day) My total storage space has been reduced for the cleaned project. How to reclaim the free space?

Ok, My storage counters has been fixed. Now I can reuse my reclaimed storage.
Many thanks for help!

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@michal_gluszek I have similar issue. May I know how you solve this issue?

I did gitlab Housekeeping and git gc, but my git repository size is not reducing.

Thanks in advance,


In my case, I ran Housekeeping and I had wait a little bit longer (1-2 days in case of 130GB), but I end up with success.


How did you solve this please? I encountered this last night and sent whole day trying to fix it.