Email delayed by hours and days


I have a gitlab-ce AWS instance (t3.large) that according to documentation is more than enough to run Gitlab but for some reason I keep receiving email notifications days after they should have been sent.

I’m using the default Gitlab email settings (GitLab CE version 12.5.4) and I myself am using gmail.

I also tried to switch to an instance with higher specs.

Any ideas?



Please show the corresponding settings from your configuration file.

grep smtp_ /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

Gmail introduces certain delays in email sending, but days sound a bit odd.


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Sorry, I meant that the email I’m trying to receive email on is gmail.

But the server uses it’s default email settings - nothing changed! I have’t touched the email settings in the gitlab.rb file.

But I keep receiving notifications for events (comments for example) that occurred 2-3 days ago

I honestly don’t recall these settings. And posting them helps others to see your configuration and start analysing from here, without anyone requiring to do extra work.

Granted, that you’re using these settings, you likely have access to the mail server sending these emails. Analyse its logs and figure out why these emails are delayed, bounced, etc. Highly likely the mail server doesn’t have an MX record, or is mistrusted in a different way.


Thanks, I’ll give analyzing a go and update.

Hi @avivzk2 did you ever get your delayed email issue resolved, and if so, what was the solution?