Embedded mp4 videos no longer work in Safari on GitLab Pages

I have a curious issues where embedded videos no longer work in Safari (on Mac and iOS) on any of my websites that are backed by GitLab Pages and hosted on gitlab.io.

A web search revealed that Safari requires the web server to first respond with a 206 Partial Content indicating the size of the video to Safari’s request that has a Range: bytes=0-1 header. Inspecting the network traffic confirms that websites hosted on GitLab do not provide that and instead just respond with a full 200 and the entire content.

I’m sure that this worked about 1-2 months ago though. Is anyone aware of something changes on GitLab’s side? And if so, is there any workaround for this?

(Yes, as by that blog post my sites are backed by Cloudflare, but even hitting the page on gitlab.io directly shows that the videos don’t work in Safari. I’m now hosting those video files on GitHub Pages instead for now; that works.)

I have this exact problem as well. Have you found a workaround yet?

No, I haven’t figured out a workaround that works purely with GitLab Pages. For the time being, I’m hosting the video files elsewhere (e.g., on GitHub Pages) and reference their absolute URLs from my GitLab Pages.

Thanks for the update. Might as well move the entire site to GitHub then :man_shrugging:

Super annoying. Will also move to github if not fixed soon.