Enable gitlab ci/cd for external repo

Hello, I have gitlab setup at my house via kubernetes. Everything works great.

I’d like to use gitlab pipelines with a repo that exists at github. Guides tell me that I need to create a new project in gitlab and click on ‘ci/cd for external repo’. But the tab does not exist.

I found another guide telling me to enable a source for import/export, which I did selecting ‘github’, still the ‘ci/cd for external repo’ tab does not exist.

I see a note on the import/export option that ‘OmniAuth must be configured for GitHub’, but other documentation says that ‘ci/cd for external repo’ requires the use of a personal token.

I thought pretty much all features were enabled if I deployed my own gitlab. Is it possible to make this work with my deployment or is this really a paid-only feature no matter what the setup?