GitLab CI/CD for external repositories - Project tab missing

Hi All

I’m a bit of a Noob with GitLab, so please forgive. I hit an issue with a standalone install and my understanding in the UI.

The install was straight forward but when I’m coming to set-up an external repository by creating a project and selecting the Tab labeled “GitLab CI/CD for external repositories” the actual tab is not present to be clear its missing.

The instructions I was following are here

So doing a bit of searching I found the issue was recorded and resolved sometime back in fact its relatively ancient

I’m using GitLab Enterprise Edition 12.2.5-ee on Ubuntu 16.04.

So I’m thinking has the issue has been re-introduced or am I missing something like the function has possible moved somewhere else or I need to configure something to enable the tab ?

I’ve checked the online SaaS solution and the project tab for “GitLab CI/CD for external repositories” is present and correct. This prompted me to do a complete fresh local install after which I still have the same problem of the missing tab

Can anyone advise ?

Having done some further reading I noticed this is a Premium/Sliver feature which is currently free in the SaaS offering till March 2020

"Note: This feature is available for free to users until March 22nd, 2020"

I’ve left the post up in case anyone else hits the same state on confusion.