Enable the Maven Repository

I try to enable the Maven Repository. I’ve set :
gitlab_rails[‘packages_enabled’] = true

reconfigure gitlab

but I don’t see the item Packages feature in Permissions

What did I forget ?


In fact, it seems that this feature is only available for silver+ Enterprise Edition !
I need to find another way to use Gitlab and Maven.

any idea ?

@laurent-appsmiles If your goal is to use the packages repository that is built into GitLab then your only option will be to purchase the appropriate license.

As far as I understood, meanwhile the packages repository should also be available using the free self hosted “core” version of GitLab. But I still can’t find the “Packages” feature in Project -> Settings -> General -> Visibility,…

We would need the integrated composer package repository, but I can’t enable any package repositories at all.

@alexrusa That is now true, yes. Packages was moved to Core in 13.3 but you’ll need to make sure you’ve enabled the Package Registry first before it’ll show up on a self-managed installation.

Hi Tristan,
I have already read and followed this documentation at least 5 times and I am writing here because I am becoming desperate.
Of course I have set gitlab_rails['packages_enabled'] = true on all the gitlab servers and reconfigured gitlab, but I still can’t find the “Packages” feature in Project -> Settings -> General -> Visibility…

You wrote that packages was moved to Core in 13.3, which was released 2 days ago. I thought that feature was already moved to core in 13.1 or 13.2 … also I thought that packages feature was available a little bit longer and only composer support was added just recently (13.2?).

I will update to 13.3 and try it again …

OMG it’s finally here! With 13.3 I can see the switch.
From the information I found I expected this feature to come with 13.1 and then I read, that with 13.1 it was only available for premium subscriptions, but it will come with 13.2.

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@alexrusa Glad to hear it’s all clear and working now. :grin:

@Tristan just for extra clarification, “Core” means “included in non-premium” installs?

@amoffatmvn Correct, that means that this feature is available without a license.