Enabling Gitlab Package Registry


i tried enabling gitlab package registry on my own gitlab instance (in the setup file) but no matter what i do (reboot and all) it does not appear in the admin dashboard.

I am wondering if the package registry is part of CE or only available in EE. But i did not find an answer to this.

So my questions are:

  • is Gitlab Package Registry available in CE?
  • if it is, what could i try to enable it/make it work?

Hello @tdf_lp

Yes, It is possible with Gitlab CE. I’ve configured the Gitlab Registry a few weeks ago.

I’ve followed this documentation: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/packages/container_registry.html#configure-container-registry-under-an-existing-gitlab-domain


Did you enable only the Container Registry (as shown in the documentation following your link) or also the Package Registry ?

I want to publish npm packages on our gitlab instance. But the Package Registry is not listed under the Registry tab, only Container Registry.

Screenshot (36)

To clarify, i want to use the Package Registry that is available in gitlab CE:

@tdf_lp in our case I only enabled the Container Registry