Enabled deploy keys not showing in private accessible deploy keys tab

After adding a test public key in a project A, I don’t see the same key in project B (in the same group), if I try to add it, of course I have a fngerprint error, I already use 7 keys for other projects, this happens after the
update to version 14.5.2

I expect to see the test key in the list of private accessible deploy keys, and see 8 instead of 7

Gitlab version 14.5.2 - omnibus installation (docker)

Thanks in advance


I’ve upgrade gitlab at version 14.16.1 but have same error

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Any news on that? I have the same problem. I added four different keys to various projects and none if them is visible in another project. Also from the API (/deploy-keys) the new keys are not visible. Maybe the keys are synced via a background job and become available later? I will check that again tomorrow.

I discarded the background job hypothesis. In the previous tries I added the keys in gitlab admin mode, where I couldn’t add the keys in other projects. Today I retried without global admin, instead creating the deploy key as a project maintainer. Then I could add the key in other projects.