Enabling GitLab Container Registry



I want to enable the Container Registry. I’m working on a GitLab server that was initially set up by somebody else. I think it’s an omnibus installation, based on the presence of an /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file. I can’t see that registry is currently running, at least I can’t see anything listening on port 5000.

I tried to follow the instructions here:

Do I just add the settings in the gitlab.rb file and reconfigure? I can’t see any registry settings at all in the existing gitlab.rb file.

Am I right in thinking that the registry is a docker container? If so, presumably I need to have docker installed?


Yes, the registry is a docker container and docker must be installed. You can check this with docker ps and the output should look something like that if the registry is running.

# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                        NAMES
089ce0c6dcb1        registry:2          "/entrypoint.sh /etc…"   11 days ago         Up 11 days>5000/tcp   registry


After you have install the container registry should it appear in the menu. I have tried the about and tried updating the gitlab.rb without success. does the entire services need to be restart after you run gitlab-ctl reconfigure?


No, I guess best is if you imagine this as two separate systems. You need a GitLab and a separate container registry running.

You need to configure the registry to use the GitLab as a authenticator and after that you can enable the registry for users for certain projects in the GitLab.