Enabling GitLab Container Registry on Omnibus


The documentation states that all I should have to do is to set the registry_external_url in gitlab.rb to enable the GitLab Container Registry. As my GitLab Omnibus installation originates from before the Container Registry was added, my gitlab.rb file does not contain this setting by default.

I went to the template file to see if there are any other important settings related to the registry, but I found at least 3 different sections all related to the registry which confused me quite a bit. All sections seem to have an enable setting (registry_nginx, gitlab_rails and registry). Should I enable all 3 of them? What is the relation/difference between them?

Hi @Thomas,

Here is what I have set to enable the container registry:


I have tried this without success on is there and when I run

sudo gitlab-ctl status

The registry does not show it is running.

is there anything else I could try?

Many thanks