Enabling local network webhooks - issue


I recently upgraded to GitLab 12.2.3 and I’m having trouble using webhooks the way I did on previous versions of GitLab. The communication would be between my GitLab server, and another task on the same server.

I get the error 422 “Invalid url given” when attempting to set up webhooks. A little investigation and it appears to be the security feature in admin/application_settings/network that is likely blocking the webhook creation.

Unfortunately, when I go to that admin page and attempt to disable it, when I click “save”, I get a 500 error-message screen.

Does anyone know what might be causing the error? My first guess is perhaps a file has the wrong permissions, but perhaps I presume too much. Any way to get rid of the error message or work-around that admin page would be appreciated.

edit: We noticed there was a GitLab update, performed it, and the problem went away. I imagine the revision we had installed was just buggy on this issue.