GitLab_Webhook configuration

Hi All,
I am doing integration Jenkins with gitlab, My main intention is trigger a Jenkins job once i push the code changes into the Gitlab and status received by gitlab accordingly.

Almost all the configuration part is done, But i stuck with configure webhook in gitlab.
Attached image below

when i paste the URL in webhooks it saying “Url is blocked: Requests to localhost are not allowed”
i tried with local ip address also, it seems not working.
Please help me to fix this.

Have a look at the Webhooks and insecure internal web services documentation.

… all Webhook requests to the current GitLab instance server address and/or in a private network will be forbidden by default.

This behavior can be overridden by enabling the option “Allow requests to the local network from web hooks and services” in the “Outbound requests” section inside the Admin Area > Settings ( /admin/application_settings/network )

hi rev,

       Thanks for your valuable time and sharing this information, For some kind of POC testing i installed both the jenkins and Gitlab in local host.

But in my GitLab , am not able to see Admin Area-> settings, I reinstall the GitLab again, However am not able to figure out this option.

Anything i need to do during installation of Gitlab. Below image is my Gitlab dashboard

Many Thanks,

This screenshot shows you’re using
You can’t install webhooks on the server, you must install them on another server.
So your Webhooks URL can’t be localhost.