Enhancement Request - Need to trigger a webhook for a specific branch on *tag push*, not push

I have a multipipeline project in Jenkins, and we currently trigger a Jenkins build from gitlab on a tag push via a webhook. We specifically want to build on tag push events only because our builds auto-deploy to docker, and we only want to deploy to docker when the team lead pushes a tag. All of the other pushes we don’t want to trigger a build on. It works great UNLESS… more than one branch has a change available - instant deploy version conflict. The problem we have run into, now, is that we need to trigger the build for only the branch that was tagged. The push on branch functionality that was introduced in 11.3 would have address this issue BUT… it’s availability is limited to only push events. I need to be able to use it on tag push events only. I looked in the code merge that provided the update in 11.3 and it appears they actually initially set it up that way (using the tag push event), and then at the last minute they changed it to push only (rats! boo!). Would it be possible to enable Gitlab’s tag push events to have the fire-webhook-on-specific-branch capability for tag push events as well?

Eric Radloff

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