Allow branch and tag pipelines to trigger at the same time

I’m not sure what the expected behavior is supposed to be, but if I make a new commit locally, tag it, then push it, only the branch pipeline gets triggered. My tag pipelines only trigger if I make my commit, push it, tag it locally, then push the tag only. In other words, in order to trigger a tag build for me, ONLY a tag can be pushed. If I push a new commit, and a new tag at the same time, it only triggers the branch pipeline. I want my pipeline to trigger for the branch, and all new tags, all at once on every push.

I am just using only to restrict the job to tags:

  stage: build
    - tags

Is this what’s supposed to happen? This causes a lot of skipped builds if I don’t remember to push the tag correctly and it’s very frustrating. How can I ensure that tag builds ALWAYS execute when a new tag is seen, regardless if it triggers multiple pipelines? To take that a step further, what if multiple new tags are pushed at once? Can I trigger new pipelines all at once for all new tags pushed?