Environment URL on Slack notification integration

Using “Slack notifications” integrations

I filled this has a generic question because I didn’t found a better subforum. Let me know if there is a better place for it. This post is a follow-up of https://twitter.com/gitlab/status/1252896131312488448.

I enabled the “Slack notifications” integration so I could have the URL of a new environment posted as a message in Slack. The primary purpose of this is to inform the product team of a new environment deployment, and they can verify feature functionality.


The integration configuration is the following (I only enabled deployments)

The message on Slack is this one (no URL to jump to the amazing new feature)


  • gitlab.com (GitLab Enterprise Edition 12.10.0-pre)
  • Using shared runners

I believe the information I need it’s tied to the integration implementation. From my research, I could implement my integration but want to stay away from it.

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this request, it helps! :blush:

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