Error 404 to do merge request


Do you know why gitlab response Error 404 to do merge request?

Thanks for your help!

Could you provide more detail on your setup and how you’re getting to the 404 message? For example, are issues/merge requests disabled for your project? Or is it possible that you’re hitting a private project?


Thanks for reply.

The 404 Error appear in public and private project in differents accounts.

I upload a video

Thanks for your help!

Are other people in the same project also experiencing the same issue? Also, looking at the video it looks like you’re trying to work on different branches of the same project (vs. multiple projects)?

Only me.

I click in merge request in the project of the video to prove that when I try to do merge request I have error 404.

In another project different to the video I added a new Branch, but when I try to do merge request I have error 404.

Thanks for your help!

I wonder if it’s a permission/authentication issue. Is there an administrator for your project?

No, I’m the only one who has access to this project.

Today I added a new branch and the same thing happened, error 404.