Lots of errors in merge requests – it seems the MR page is failing to fetch data from Gitlab APIs


In the past day or so I’ve experienced a lot of problems with gitlab merge requests, which other colleagues in my company have also seen.

I’m seeing a LOT of “sorry, something went wrong when fetching…” error banners on merge requests. And I’ve also experienced cases when no error is displayed and it looks like I’m OK to merge, but the merge fails for an unspecified reason, but I’m absolutely certain it failed because one of the merge conditions wasn’t met, but the MR does not reflect this. (example: I need to rebase, but there’s no “rebase” button displayed; there are no approvals, but it tells me it’s ready to merge, etc.).

It looks to me like Gitlab merge requests are experiencing major problems. Can someone at gitlab please investigate?


I am not sure why but I am noting something similar on an offline self-managed gitlab-ce server. Effectively when my users go to start out a merge request, they can start one up just fine and assign it out. However the page continues to say 'Your merge request is almost ready" but never actually is. It basically is a soft failure instead since the process just freezes. When you try to navigate to any of the tabs in the merge request, i.e. changes, pipelines, the system just throws an error saying it had trouble getting information and to try again later. I would like to add that this system has no access to internet and not sure if there is something innate to merge requests that would just timeout because of this.