Error 500 accessing a project page

I take care about a private GitLab instance installed via Omnibus package

  • OS version: Debian 10.10
  • GitLab package version: 14.3.2-ce.0

A week or two ago, I noticed that several projects are inaccessible and accessing a project page returns 500 https error. In gitlab-rails/production.log on the server, I found:

ActionView::Template::Error (must specify an iv):
    2:   - if sidebar_menu.menu_with_partial?
    3:     = render_if_exists sidebar_menu.menu_partial, **sidebar_menu.menu_partial_options
    4:   - else
    5:     = link_to, **sidebar_menu.container_html_options, data: { qa_selector: 'sidebar_menu_link', qa_menu_item: sidebar_menu.title } do
    6:       - if sidebar_menu.icon_or_image?
    7:         %span.nav-icon-container
    8:           - if sidebar_menu.image_path

Is this some known issue? Can anybody point me how to make these projects accessible again?


I got this error too, have you solve the problem ?

sadly, I wasn’t able to find the solution. These several projects are abandoned at my GitLab instance so it doesn’t bothered me much since then. Other “live” projects are ok.

Anyway, I would be happy to hear any hints, if you managed to solve it.

Wish you good luck :crossed_fingers:

same problem here. Have you solve the problem in the meantime?


Sadly, not yet. GitLab CE 15.2.2 and still the same template error.

These repos are some obsolete stuff so we don’t need them at this time. However, it would be nice to recover the access to those project.