Error 500 accessing a project page

I take care about a private GitLab instance installed via Omnibus package

  • OS version: Debian 10.10
  • GitLab package version: 14.3.2-ce.0

A week or two ago, I noticed that several projects are inaccessible and accessing a project page returns 500 https error. In gitlab-rails/production.log on the server, I found:

ActionView::Template::Error (must specify an iv):
    2:   - if sidebar_menu.menu_with_partial?
    3:     = render_if_exists sidebar_menu.menu_partial, **sidebar_menu.menu_partial_options
    4:   - else
    5:     = link_to, **sidebar_menu.container_html_options, data: { qa_selector: 'sidebar_menu_link', qa_menu_item: sidebar_menu.title } do
    6:       - if sidebar_menu.icon_or_image?
    7:         %span.nav-icon-container
    8:           - if sidebar_menu.image_path

Is this some known issue? Can anybody point me how to make these projects accessible again?