Some projects in Gitlab give 500 error when I try to access them

We recently upgraded Gitlab-EE from 14.6.5 —> 14.9.2, after the upgrade, we were unable to access some of the repositories, when trying to access some of the repos I was getting 500 error, After the I rollback the upgrade I was able to see those repos. Also, after the rollback, the pipeline in those projects don’t seem to work properly, they are slow and getting stuck.
How to move past these errors and upgrade Gitlab?
Seeing this error in the log:

Rendered layout layouts/project.html.haml (Duration: 456.5ms | Allocations: 100708)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 551ms (ActiveRecord: 55.8ms | Elasticsearch: 0.0ms | Allocations: 114091)

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `issue_tracker_path’ for #Integration:0x00007ff59bcc7430
Did you mean? issue_tracker_data
2: - if sidebar_menu.menu_with_partial?
3: = render_if_exists sidebar_menu.menu_partial, **sidebar_menu.menu_partial_options
4: - else
5: = link_to, **sidebar_menu.link_html_options, data: { qa_selector: ‘sidebar_menu_link’, qa_menu_item: sidebar_menu.title } do
6: - if sidebar_menu.icon_or_image?
7: %span.nav-icon-container
8: - if sidebar_menu.image_path