Error 500 create merge request or view commit

Hello all,

I am using, free version.

I get an error 500 when I want to create a merge-request.
I also get an error 500 when I click on a certain commit.

I think the reason is the file count. These commits are Xamarin-commits for mobile development with thousands of files.

I commit in VS-Code and upload the commit to into the ‘dev’ branch. I also have a ‘master’ branch. Until now, merging dev into master went ok, but I waited a few days, and there are probably now too many files that Gitlab can handle?

I wanted to merge 1 commit, to reduce the number of files being used at once, but that seems not possible; a new merge-request includes all non-merged commits.

What can I do to get creating merge requests working again?

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Thanks for any ideas,