Error 500 when open a merge_requests

Hi, I’m trying open a merge request on in a specific private project, but always return a Error 500 ( Whoops, something went wrong on our end.). On another projects, I dont have problems.

Anyone can help me?

(Sorry my poor english)


got the same problem

@truckpag @shumba Our apologies for the issues folks (and welcome to the community!), we’re currently tracking this problem in this issue and are currently working to get a fix out.

same situation…

+1 same situation here.

Other teammates are working normally, but I’m not able to access my own MRs

Hi, in my repository is working again, Tks a lot

@bruno1 @m3nd3s This should be resolved now.

Same here :cry:

@andre.mello You might be running into an isolated issue as the problem relating to the other reports in this thread was resolved. If your project isn’t public can you contact support with the details?

@Tristan It’s already solved! Thanks.

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