Error remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied after upgrading to version 13.0.14

Good community,

Recently I am having problems after updating my gitlab from version 10.8 to version 13.0.14. The problems I am having are with users who use git with clients, and when doing remote operations against their repositories using git clone, git push, git pull … it gives them the following error:

$ git push -u origin master
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

According to users tell me, this error when doing operations against the remote repository has a random behavior, since they may try 3-4 times to perform an operation with that error message and the fifth time the operation is successful . Or you may get this error 8 times and the ninth time it runs successfully.

In the Git logs, in the production.log I see something significant that I don’t know if it has to do with the problem or not:

Can't verify CSRF token authenticity.
This CSRF token verification failure is handled internally by `GitLab :: RequestForgeryProtection`
Unlike the logs may suggest, this does not result in an actual 422 response to the user
For API requests, the only effect is that `current_user` will be` nil` for the duration of the request

On the other hand, I have a test environment, where I have mounted the same version of Git that I have deployed in production. In this test environment I only have access to perform tests and other maintenance tasks before moving them to the production environment, and in this environment it does not give me authentication problems. I perform all the operations without any error, so it may have something to do with the sessions or connections in the Production environment, since there are many users who use this tool.

Users successfully log into the Gitlab gui. The problem is in the use of clients for operations.

Say that the gitlab that we have is installed using the installation from source not using omnibus.

I do not know if they need any more information to be able to find out why this behavior.

Thanks in advanced!