/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb If I enable Puma it breaks Puma which is fine but, I haven't enabled Puma

So I’m trying to free up the resources of my build as GL is using 8gb for 4/5 users. I went into the gitlab.rb and noticed puma isn’t enabled but we have been using 14.1.3 CE we couldn’t get the latest versions to work.

This version we can get to work. We have a web front and all the stuff we need. The weird thing is we haven’t enabled anything apart from SMTP in the gitlab.rb.

We have a webfront and can push and pull and all that stuff. But when I try to apply some of the ideas here Running GitLab in a memory-constrained environment | GitLab I then apply gitlab-ctl reconfigure and the whole thing 502’s on the webfront. I’m so confused, any setting I change on the Puma side of gitlab.rb causes the whole server to 502.

Whats going on here?