On pushing on GitLab repo remains pending and end with timeout message

Hi there,
I’ve a problem with push my local changes on gitlab repo.
the gitlab repo is linked to external sys

the problem is high lowly pushing, I already fix git config and postBuffer storage but it remain blocked.

My external machine mount Puma and here are some info about it

“ # puma[‘enable’] = true

puma[‘ha’] = false

puma[‘worker_timeout’] = 60

puma[‘worker_processes’] = 2

puma[‘min_threads’] = 4

puma[‘max_threads’] = 4

Advanced settings

puma[‘listen’] = ‘’

puma[‘port’] = 8080

puma[‘socket’] = ‘/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/sockets/gitlab.socket’

puma[‘somaxconn’] = 1024

puma[‘pidfile’] = ‘/opt/gitlab/var/puma/puma.pid’

puma[‘state_path’] = ‘/opt/gitlab/var/puma/puma.state’

###! We do not recommend changing this setting

puma[‘log_directory’] = “/var/log/gitlab/puma”

Only change these settings if you understand well what they mean

###! Docs: GitHub - schneems/puma_worker_killer: Automatically restart Puma cluster workers based on max RAM available

puma[‘per_worker_max_memory_mb’] = 850

puma[‘exporter_enabled’] = false

puma[‘exporter_address’] = “”

puma[‘exporter_port’] = 8083 “

so when I try to push the time to compressing is very high and then after that when it ends repo is going to pushing files but remains blocked at leas on 99% of packages to pushing.
Finally CLI response with timeout failure.

I’m very tired can someone help me to solve this problem?