Every logged in user should have developer access for docs repo

Hello Team,

I have a situation that I need every logged-in user to GitLab should have read and write access like a developer to the Documentation project. are there any things like this supported by GitLab?

Note: I don’t want to add each individual user to the documentation project with a developer role assigned

@dnsmichi can you help me on this

@sriatluri1206 is your repo marked public in Settings->General-> Visibility, project features, permissions?

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My project right now is marked as internal I can make it public. if I do so, does everyone in my organization by default will have developer access to that project/repo?

Ah, do you want everyone in your org to have developer access to the repo, or everyone signed into GitLab (which will include random people from the internet, like me!)?

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I want every logged-in user in my org to have developer access to this repo (Documentation Repo) so I don’t need to add each person with developer role to this project/repo

Right! So, this is slightly different to how I understood your initial question.

For my own repos, I want a subset of people to be developers in several repos. So, what I do is I have a separate subgroup called org/developers and I add all developers to that group. Then, in the relevant repos, I add the org/developers group with developer level access.

I’m not sure that there’s a way to directly do what you want, but you could try adding the whole org group to the repo, with developer access.

Personally, I always create a throwaway group / repo to test these things out, but YMMV, of course.

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This is the exact scenario I’m looking for Allow changing default permissions for logged-in users on a project from Guest to Developer. (#205378) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab
Instead of adding every member in the organization to the developer’s group and assign that group to my Documentation project. I want everyone can able to commit changes to this single repo

So, unfortunately, until that issue is resolved, you can’t do exactly what you want.

But, if every member of the organisation has developer access (or above) to the organisation, they will have inherited the same level of access to your repo inside the organisation.

The hack that I use (creating a separate sub-group) is partly because I want that group to be excluded from some repos inside the org. If you’re in a situation where everyone in your org already has developer access for the whole org, then they will have inherited access to your repo already.

Other than that, I’m not sure there are any further workarounds :frowning:

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Sure Thank you for putting some suggestions