External pipeline on MR

I am create an CI based application for Gitlab.
It checks you code and set the commit status.

When you create a merge request you should see the result
of my check. If I set up the status on commit, the merge request will
see it and show it.

If you are using Gitlab CI for checking your code as well there are some issues.
If your Gitlab Ci runs on push, then everything is fine.

The issue is that if your Gitlab CI runs only on merge requests it kinda gets a priority and is the only one that is shown

If you select the commit you can still see the my CI, but you cannot see it on the merge request.

Any idea how to get them there? I was thinking about setting the “pipeline_id” https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/commits.html#post-the-build-status-to-a-commit to the running build, but i don’t know the merge request ID to get pipeline ID to set it as I am running on “push”