Checking pipeline status stuck when you make commit with no CI


I use self-hosted On-Premise GitLab
Ver: GitLab Enterprise Edition [14.10.4-ee](

I faced this issue:
I created pipeline step that checks if master branch has updates that you don’t have in your branch. If you don’t have, bot makes commit to your branch.
So it looks like this:

When bot makes commit to my branch, it triggers the pipeline.
To skip it I created this rule:

    - if: $CI_COMMIT_MESSAGE =~ /sync_with_master_by_bot*/ || $CI_COMMIT_AUTHOR =~ /$BOT_NAME*/
      when: never

It works perfect:

GitLab want to get pipeline status for the last commit, not the last pipeline overall

But interesting thing is that GitLab can see and can show last pipeline status in MR list

It confuses, I’d like to see actual status for the last triggered pipeline inside MR like in MR list.

Any thoughts?
Appreciate your help