External Pipelines not shown

I have GitLab CE 10.1.3 installed.
I have 2 gitlab projects, both use a webhook to trigger a external jenkins pipeline.
In 1 project I can see the result of the external pipeline in gitlab:

In the 2’nd there is no pipeline view shown:

The only difference is that the first project is a “Jenkins Pipeline Project” and the other is a “Jeinkins Multibranch Project”.

The Jenkinsfile for both projects:

pipeline {
// Run on any executor.
agent any

// Make sure that the tools we need are installed on the path.
tools {
    maven 'Apache Maven 3.5.2'
    jdk 'Java SE Development Kit 8u151'

options {
  gitlabBuilds(builds: ['environment', 'build'])

triggers {
    gitlab(triggerOnPush: true, triggerOnMergeRequest: true, branchFilterType: 'All')

stages {
    stage('environment') {
        steps {
            updateGitlabCommitStatus name: 'build', state: 'pending'
    stage('build') {
        steps {
            updateGitlabCommitStatus name: 'build', state: 'running'

post {
    failure {
        updateGitlabCommitStatus name: 'build', state: 'failed'
    success {
        updateGitlabCommitStatus name: 'build', state: 'success'


Is the Jenkinsfile wrong?
Or do I need to configure the gitlab project somehow differently?
Or do I need to configure the jenkins-multibranch project somehow differently?
Or is it a bug?