External_url has 'https://...' but the clone button displays 'http:/....'

I have configured Gitlab behind a reverse proxy (apache). Both Apache and Gitlab are on the same server. Apache is configured with the SSL certificates but removes the encryption and relays all traffic to/from Gitlab using http.

      https        http
User <====> Apache<====>Gitlab

Happily, everything is working great, except for one thing. When I go to any project and click on the clone button, Gitlab presents two options: 1) clone with SSH; and 2) Clone with HTTP when it needs to be Clone with HTTPS. The ‘S’ is missing. in the label and in the actual address. I have been instructing users to change the address from HTTP:// to HTTPS://. Fortunately, this workaround is working for us. However I am looking for a way to fix this.

I have double and tripled checked to be sure that the EXTERNAL_URL setting in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb is set with "HTTPS:\…’ and I have re-run ‘gitlab-ctl reconfigure’ many times.

The only non-standard thing I am doing is to correct one entry in the gitlab.yml file. For whatever reason, ‘gitlab-ctl reconfigure’ writes host computer’s name in the the ‘Gitlab->Host’ setting. I manually go in there and re-write this value to match the external URL.

Please let me know how to fix this. I can supply any additional information needed to help me troubleshoot this.