Failed pipeline: problem with downloading docker image

I have GitLab local installation.
Looks like my runner unable to download docker image.
Here is my basic:.gitlab-ci.yml

build website:

image: node:16


    - yarn install

    - yarn build

Output log:

please help

The reason this is failing is because yarn is not installed on the system where gitlab-runner is installed.

It appears you’re using the shell executor for GitLab Runner. The Shell executor is a simple executor that you use to execute builds locally on the machine where GitLab Runner is installed. By default, the shell executor does not make use of docker, nor does it docker pull images to run CI jobs.

I suggest you install and register GitLab Runner using the docker executor. This will run CI jobs inside a docker container. For the .gitlab-ci.yml file you have, I’d expect that the job will successfully execute using a docker runner executor without any other changes.