Failed to create repository on smb mount

Hi folks,

i’m trying to get a gitlab server running for my company. The goal is to mount a folder from a windows fileserver and use this one as “git_data_dir”.

I mounted a windows share in my /etc/fstab
//WIN-SVR/git_data_dir /media/git_data_dir cifs uid=git,gid=git,credentials=.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,dir_mode=02770,sec=ntlm 0 0

After that i reconfigured gitlab via “gitlab-ctl reconfigure”.

Now lets get to the webinterface an create a new repo i am facing the following message:
"Failed to create repository"

Checking the mount i can see gitlab cerates the repository on the given path. But the related wiki has not been created. I’m pretty sure there is a kind of permission error. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


I am facing the same issue but maybe on a different level. I am mounting a vboxsf filesystem, and I pass over this issue if access level is 700 ( dir_mode=02700).

I am now facing the second issue which is creating a repository directory on which they wish to set the access to 770. The problem I guess , with mounting a filesystem which is not saving the permissions, is that all I/O operations will be translated to dir_mode level.

I assume that if I am able to update the ruby code. or some global variable, to always use the same access level, we can fix this issue.