Problem with storing git data in different directory


i am currently setting up a gitlab installation in a local network for test purposes. I ran into some problems after trying to change the git_data_dir to a mounted cifs share. After the change it is no longer possible to create new projects. The error message states

Failed to create repository via gitlab-shell

After some research I found this issue report
Does this mean that it is in general not possible to store the repos on a cifs share? If not how can I resolve this problem?

So after some more research, as far as i understand, the problem is, that it is not possible to create symlinks on cifs shares. Could there be some workaround for this problem?

Hi SaNi,

Unfortunately if the share is a Windows SMB/CIFS share symlinks are not supported.

When creating a new project GitLab creates a symlink for the “hooks” directory. You can see this happens on line 37 of gitlab_projects.rb .

There’s a similar question asked on stackoverflow. We’re unable to recommend any workaround short of changing the git data directory location.