Feature Request - Multiline comments and suggestions in MR

recently GitHub released multi-line comments in their PRs.

Here is how it looks in github: How to select/comment on a range of lines in github pull request? - Stack Overflow

I really love that concept. Because sometimes I want to make a comment on some algorithm which is not on one line.

So my first feature-request is to implement these multi-line comments in GitLab.

However with GitLab’s ability to make a suggestions inside a comment. Why not make them next-level?
My second feature-request is also make multi-line suggestions in GitLab.

I think that this could really speed up the Code Review process, when author won’t need to go into IDE to make suggested multi-line changes. And it would clarify a lot if comments about multi-line part of code would show on which lines does that apply.


P.S.: I haven’t found better place to post this suggestion. If there is any better place, please tell me!