Features From Gitlab Blog Post Missing

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Hi :wave:

There is a blog post from GitLab outlining some new features for the epic roadmap. Im talking about this post:

It shows some really neat and really appreciated features which we really would like to start using! Specifically the roadmap view with progress and expandable epics are a game changer for this feature!

The only thing is: This features are not existing! They are not available on our installation as well as on gitlab.com in exactly the same project as shown on the screenshots of the blog post! The 3rd feature promoted in the post is existing tho!

So im wondering, where are this features? Should this be enabled somehow? The post does not give any detail on limited availability of this features. The entire article is written as if this is immediately available for use.

I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this mystery!


if I understand the blog post correctly, these features are currently in the making and it is an outlook on what is going to come in future releases.

In recent months, we’ve started to iterate on those original MVCs to provide real value versus function. We’re working on three significant iterations on epics to help teams enhance their workflow.

Here’s a list of the related issues where you can also see the targeted release milestone:


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Hm, maybe it could be interpreted that way. But its really strange that some things are available at the time of publishing the article and some not. And nothing is explicitly mentioned. But thank for the issue links! :beers:


I’ve forwarded the feedback, since it can be misunderstood if one does not have the issue URLs. I had to research a bit myself :slight_smile: