No Add a New Epic option available to create child epics

I am trying to create sub-epics to put some more structure around our projects. When I review the GitLab 201 training, in the example video the trainer has these options available in an epic:

However in our own instance I only have these options (i.e. no “Add a new Epic”)

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 8.49.48 AM

How do I go about making the Add a New Epic option available in the drop-down?



Do you have Gitlab Premium? According to the docs: Epics | GitLab Epics is a premium feature, so if you don’t have this, then it won’t be on your menu.

Thanks. We are GitLab Premium users and I had found the same earlier which is why we were trying to use it . But no luck so far.


multi-level epics is a feature available in the Ultimate tier. You can see the availability of features on this page or with the tiers marker in the docs.

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That explains it; thanks Michael.

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